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Plant Health Care


We offer target treatments and monitoring programs for insects, diseases and cultural problems for your entire landscape. The best way to keep your landscape healthy is to be proactive and act before its too late!

Tick/ Mosquito Control!


Just one bite from an infected Tick or Mosquito can change your whole life. We offer conventional programs as well as natural programs to kill and repel them out of your landscape!

Soil Care


Our landscape offers us many things such as shade, flowers, food, tranquility and more. That is just what we can see above ground but what about below ground? Often to keep our plants healthy we need to focus on the "root" of their health and look below the ground level. We can provide soil testing, soil amendments, root feeding and prescription soil care programs.

Tree Care


We have licensed ISA Arborists (International Society of Arboriculture)  on our team. We offer species specific pruning, orchard/ vineyard pruning, risk mitigation, and supplemental support systems. 



With a diverse background of knowledge and an ever growing network we can provide you with all your general landscape need. Everything from design, installation, plant selection and more. If we cant provide the help you need then we would be happy to help you with a high quality referral.



We are passonate about the work we do and look at your landscape with a fresh prespective. Thats why GreenShield offers bee keeping classes, rental hives, apiary installation and pollination services. 

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